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Autistic Pride Day

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Autistic Pride Day is a pride celebration for autistic people and is celebrated on June 18 each year.

The aim of this day is to:

  • raise awareness about autism and to shift attitudes from medical-oriented views away towards acceptance and realisation that autism is a difference

  • recognise the importance of pride for autistic people as well as the benefits that autistic pride brings to the society.

Autistic Pride Day is represented by the rainbow infinity symbol. This symbol represents the diversity of autistic people, the infinite possibilities and variations in the autistic community.

As today is Autism pride, I would like to post something related to it! 5 Facts about Autism: 1. Autism isn't an illness that needs to be cured. Autism is a neurological condition that means the brain process information differently.

2. Autistic people have a wonderful sense of humour.

3. Autistic people may hyper focus on preferred interests and may have extensive knowledge in certain topics.

4. Autistic people can mask in order to avoid judgement, punishment and to be accepted.

5. Autism has no look. Autistic people come in all shapes and sizes genders, races and ages. When you've met one autistic person, you've met one autistic person. Please stop telling people 'oh, you don't look autistic' it really isn't a compliment.

Happy Autistic Pride!

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