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Hi! My name is Aspa.

I'm inclusive educator - Autism & Neurodiversity Specialist teacher (with QTS, MA) and inclusionist (a person who advocates a policy or practice of inclusion, especially one of not excluding anyone on the grounds of race, gender, religion, age, disability, etc.).

For the past 3 years, I've been working as a teacher in an autistic classroom in South London. At the same time, I am a greek tutor for students who learn greek as a second language with experience of seven years.

I created this blog in order to share teaching ideas for inclusive and autism-friendly environments, as well as my personal views about neurodiversity and inclusive education. I believe that a holistic, interest-based, and cross-curriculum experiential learning approach enhances children's confidence and self-esteem and fosters academic, communication, behavioural, executive function, social, and life skills. 


I am​

  • Inclusive Educator (QTS)

  • Greek Tutor 

  • Autism Specialist

  • Graduate of the MA- Special and Inclusive Education with Distinction from The University of Nottingham 

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Behaviourism - explained

Paige Layle is an autistic activist, YouTuber and TikToker. Paige creates videos about autism and shares her views and experiences regarding ABA, stimming, masking, interoception, sensory issues, functioning labels and many more topics. In the following video, she explains behaviourism. It is a very simple and educational video that can help you understand how behaviourism works and why teaching methods and 'interventions' based on behaviourism are getting gradually demolished.

In a nutshell, behaviourism takes into account one style of treating people and does not see humans as unique and complex individuals. Personally, I’m glad outdated behaviourist teaching styles are starting to get demolished and new forms of pedagogy are becoming popular within school and uni classrooms.

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